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Abstract 7.JPG


Here are some examples of commission work and past pieces to give a bigger glimpse into my style as an artist. If any of these interest you, feel free to let me know and I can commission it for you!

MSS Magnolias.jpg
MSS cranes 1.jpg
MSS commission.jpg
MSS Magnolias.jpg
MSS cranes 2.jpg
MSS Oak Tree.jpg
3-piece abstract 1.jpg
3-piece abstract 2.jpg
Commission 2.2.jpg
Heart 2.jpg
The World is Your Oyster.jpg
The World is Your Oyster Stacked.jpg
Butterfly 1.jpg
Butterfly 2.jpg
Abstract 2.JPG
Abstract 6.JPG
Abstract 3.JPG
Abstract 4.JPG
Abstract 5.JPG
Lillies and Lilly Pads.jpg
April Showers Bring May Flowers 1.jpg
Rosa Canina.jpg
Violets and Daisies.jpg
Louisiana Collection.jpg
Risen 3.jpg
Abstract Clay Heart .JPG
Bunnies 3.jpg
Group 2.JPG
4x4 block 2.JPG
2-piece abstract 1.jpg
2-piece abstract 2.jpg
Heirloom Easter eggs.jpg
Handpainted Prints.jpg
Shell flatlay 2.jpg
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